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To arrange your interior

There is nothing simpler and at the same time, nothing more complicated than to make a success of its interior decoration, for if there are rules to respect, they are enough to guarantee success. You
thus arm with patience and of subtlety, they are there your best armes ...

Let us try to define a pragmatic step: - To define the style: modern or traditional, urban or country, relaxed or official, the alternatives are multiple. But once definite your choice, you hold y and keep the guideline. - To choose the colors: If you built your house, you made part of work already. By choosing your ground, your
paintings, your woodworks etc..... If you enter a house of hiring, it is probable that constraints will be binding on you, except breaking the tiling and repainting the walls. The neutral colors, white, beige, terra cotta allow obviously all the assumptions and will authorize thereafter all the changes of tone which you will be able to wish. The color on the pieces of furniture: a blue, green or yellow living room can appear tempting with the first access: but attention, plus the color is strong, plus you will weary itself quickly. Thus
prefer wood colours or white. The enamelled white one, too galvaud? is to be proscribed with the profit of the " white lead white ", which is a dyeing and not a painting. The fabrics also bring them of the color; It is easier to change the preparing of your cushions than the color of a piece of furniture. Here still, coherence is the Master word. Rather than only one fabric, choose two coordinated fabrics, or three. For example: a reason on the cushions, a stripe for the curtains; or well a stripe for the cushions, a reason in curtain,
plain in complement (on tablecloth, small cushions etc?) Of the curtains equip a part, even if you never draw them, they confer a " finished " aspect on your decoration. The carpet of living room also: it is the essential complement. If your cushions are with reasons prefer a carpet little marked. A carpet very present is not appropriate that with plain cushions. - materials:

In this field, it never should be forgotten that we live in a climate hot and wet, which involves obvious consequences. The fashion of leather is an aberration: hot contact, great sensitivity to the mould, modification of the colors exposed to the luminosity. The living rooms " any fabric " are adapted already better. But attention: a fabric will last 2 to 4 years and after it will be necessary all to remake (station with porte-monnaie) or to change living room. For leather, as for fabric, it is necessary to know what there is under the coating: in 90 % of the cases of the " particle boards " in other words agglomerate, to flee like the plague.

The first rule should be your own satisfaction for, after all, it is you who live inside and if you feel there well, that ask moreover? For example, that your family feels there well, and your friends also... The second rule, it is the coherence, which excludes foolish accumulation from heteroclite objects but not a certain diversity.
Coherence is not either the uniformity, source of trouble. Coherence could thus be defined as a judicious balance between the rigour and imagination.

Prefer the noble matters: true wood, fabrics 100 % cotton, cane, wrought iron if possible " galvanized " to escape the rust. Any metal tube is not wrought iron as the agglo is not wood. A piece of furniture with 90 % of agglo and three cane rods to make pretty, it is not a cane piece of furniture. Be demanding with the salesmen, ask for the their composition of their pieces of furniture and to if possible write it on the invoice. You will find of them more one which will not be able to write suddenly any more - the accessories: it is the cherry on the cake. If you must make a choice, start with the luminaries. A lamp posed on an auxiliary table close to your settee will be the most profitable D?co investment, before the tables, carpet and other " small subjects " which often finish in bad subjects. Take your time to choose the accessories. A decoration is built in the duration, not in precipitation. Be wary of the blows of c?ur: is the vase which appeared to you " super " in a store, well adapted to your own environment? Reason your purchases (form, color, matter). Do not yield to the flash or the " tilt " which is bad advisers.

 Article "Decoration, Crafts" Sources JC Guillaumin

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