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13 sep
18 sep
Docks Art Fair 2011
Events from 13/09/2011 till 18/09/2011

In September 2011, the third edition of DocksArtFair? will take place, bringing together 40 international galleries for a contemporary art fair that is based around a set of unique principles. Unique, because it gives the public a chance to discover and learn about the current creative work of the selected galleries, through the presentation of a solo presentation by an emerging artist at every booth. Unique, because DocksArtFair? is attached to the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Lyon, by date as well as geographical situation in the Confluence, a newly developed district in Lyon, and a symbol for the 21st century. Finally, unique because the region (Rh?ne-Alpes and the surrounding areas) is rich in structures dedicated to contemporary art (museums, art institutions and art schools), a fact that has allowed DocksArtFair? to take up a leading role in the international contemporary artistic scene.

DocksArtFair? enters a synergy with all these other organizations and offers to Lyon and its region the opportunity to become a dynamic place in the contemporary art market, and taking its place in the schedule of international contemporary art fairs.

Here is the list of the selected galleries after the 1st meeting of the Selection Committee :

AD Galerie with a solo of Alexandre Nicolas
Analix Forever with a solo of Joanna Malinowska
Bernard Ceysson with a solo of David Wolle
Christophe Gaillard with a solo of H?l?ne Delprat
Cortex Athletico with a solo of Franck Eon
Espace ? vendre Le Cabinet with a solo of Emanuelle Regent
Fernando Pradilla with a solo of Juan Francisco Casas
Galerie Ammar with a solo of Meriem Bouderbala
Galerie Bernard Bouche with a solo of Carlo Guaita
Galerie Bertrand Gillig with a solo of Elisabeth Frering
Galerie El Marsa with a solo of Patricia K.Triki
Galerie L?antichambre with a solo of Fabrice Midal
Galerie Laurent Godin with a solo of Scoli Acosta
Galerie Odile Ouizeman with a solo of Meddaci Mehdi
Galerie Olivier Robert with a solo of Lionel Scoccimaro
Galerie Sandra Nakicen with a solo of Ludovic Paquelier
Galerie Taiss with a solo of Fadia Haddad
Galerie Vallois with a solo of Julien Berthier
Galerie Voss with a solo of Davide La Rocca
Georges Verney Carron with a solo of Nicolas Rubinstein
Golden Brain Art with a solo of F?ebrile
Kanvas Art Galerie with a solo of Mohamed Ben Slama
Goruntu art gallery with a solo of Mustafa Ozbakir
Louise Alexander gallery with a solo of Laurent Bolignini
Mario Mauroner Contemporary art with a solo of Bruno Peinado
Marion Meyer contemporain with a solo of Severine Hubard
Martine et Thibault de La Ch?tre with a solo of Achraf Touloub
Matisse Art Gallery Marrakech with a solo of Amina Benbouchta
Modern Art Galerie with a solo of Luis Mallo
Olivier Houg Galerie with a solo of Jorge Mayet
Orel Art with a solo of Ivan Plush

For more information:
45 quai rambaud MONTPELLIER France
Téléphone   (04) 78 42 98 50

Toutes les dates sont sujettes à changement sans préavis. Veuillez prendre contact avec l'organisateur avant d'entreprendre tout déplacement.
 Article "Events, Fairs" 

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